Nigerian Community In South Africa Assist Poor Family Of Five With New House

The Nigerian community in South Africa has provided succour to a poor South African family living in a Dilapidated tin shack with a brand new five-room apartment. 

The President of the Nigerian Union South Africa (NUSA), Adetola Olubajo, said the house was presented on May 15 to a woman, Muyadziwa Musundwa and her five children, who lived at Maelula village, Tshifhire, South Africa. 

He said one of the association's Board of Trustees was moved by the plight of the family as reported by a local journalist, which necessitated the desire to give the family better living conditions. 

"It is our obligation to make sure that even the Musundwa family live comfortably, like other community members.

"It is our joint responsibility to eliminate poverty, hunger and underdevelopment within our communities," Olubajo said, adding that Africans are one people irrespective of geographic location.

Mr Femi Adeleke, who presented the house to the Musundwas, said he was proud to be a part of the "good deeds" aimed at uplifting communities.

He said, "We got in touch with Musundwa with the help of a local journalist. Most of the families we have helped consisted of unemployed people and they needed assistance from our community.

"They did not choose to be poor therefore they need to be uplifted by those who can do something for them. The donations were based on love and brotherhood." 

The unemployed Musundwa and her children shed tears of joy when the keys to their new home were handed over to them by the representative of the donors, Mr. Adeleke, who opened the door, marking the official opening of the house.

Struggling to contain her emotions, she said the donation from the Nigerian community came at the right time, as they had no shelter.

"We initially thought that people in rural areas are neglected, but we know now that there are people out there who care and we are very thankful," she said.

"God is great. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would one day have a beautiful house like this one. Life was tough for me and my children.

"When it rained, we had to sit up the whole night, as there was water all over. Sometimes thieves would just break in and steal whatever was in the house." 

Mr Nehemia Madzhiga of the Makhado Municipality, thanked Adeleke and the Nigerian community for their "good work" within the communities.

"We are very happy to have Africans, who understand our language that as a government alone we cannot do things for all our people, but if other people also identify people in need and assist them, we can do more for our people together," he said.

Ms Thelma Ramabulana, representative of Maelula Royal Council, said that although more challenges lay ahead, the community was proud of Adeleke and the Nigerian Union South Africa for joining the fight against poverty and underdevelopment. 



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