New upgraded PC and overclockers customer service

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New upgraded PC and overclockers customer service

Apologies if this is not the right place to post this here...

A couple of weeks ago I made a thread in this sub forum which got locked regarding a Pre-built PC from overclockers as I did have a rant and some forum members offered genuine useful advice while others not so much at that time was highly frustrated with the PC.

I was disappointed with its performance for various reasons

First off there customer service on the phone and email is excellent helpful friendly and offering useful advice and trying to find the best solution for its customer.

As I purchased a Pre-built through game retail website it was rather complicated about the upgrading and this is where overclockers went the extra mile in letting me pay the difference in price to upgrade the CPU for the original quote price and and arrange collection/delivery of the PC and regular updates via email and even phoned nuroums times while they were testing and upgrading the PC.

Anyway I have the PC back now and no problems at all it's amazing runs fast loads stuff fast plays games good...

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