Len Deighton Drama Series SS-GB : BBC TV

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Len Deighton Drama Series SS-GB : BBC TV

A five-part series coming to BBC TV possibly in February according to GeekTown.

I've read a lot of Len Deighton's books over the years.

I really enjoyed the Granada TV series "Game, Set and Match," (1988) starring Ian Holm, as having previously read the trilogy, the characterisation I thought was excellent, Deighton didn't, so he wouldn't allow it to be repeated.

His films ( I think) have worn well and have been shown regularly on TV, I hope now he's agreed to the filming for TV of SS-GB, that he may allow ITV to show Game, Set and Match again.
But I won't hold my breath.

I'm certainly looking forward to this new drama.

Here are some more details: mobile teaser video