Mike Maro Expands Minds with New Single "Cold Crush"

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Mike Maro Expands Minds with New Single "Cold Crush"

New single “Cold Crush” by 23 year old London based performer Mike Maro, is a dreamy and atmospheric jam that captures the best of what the modern face of rap can sound like. Mike is a conscious MC who excels at crafting smooth yet energetic, consistently thought provoking urban music. Inspired by American and British Hip Hop, Grime, R&B and Gospel, this is a well honed sound meant to inspire and captivate. Forward thinking music meant to move the body, mind and spirit, Mike Maro is a welcome addition to the landscape of global urban sounds and creative expression.

Driven by ethereal and organic beats, “Cold Crush” is a uniquely memorable song that will get heads bobbing around the world. Mike describes his creative process when making the song here:

“When I began producing “Cold Crush” I wanted to make a song that would be very reminiscent of my past and how certain aspects of my personality has come to be.


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