Maroon 5 or Clean Bandit? Who is the absolute worst band in the world?

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Maroon 5 or Clean Bandit? Who is the absolute worst band in the world?

I am struggling to think of any better contenders to being the absolute worst band in the world than these 2 vanilla acts.

Maroon 5 have always been trash but now they really are a parody. Adam Levine is about as Rock n Roll as George Osborne and his vocals get me reaching for the sick bucket. I Don't Wanna Know is a terrible song. All that aside here is a band who have professional song writers like Benjamin Levin and Shellback all over their songs. Now any so called "band" that uses pro writes on their songs needs to have a word with themselves. It's fine if you're Britney Spears but you'd think in between the poseur frontman, guitar player and bassist, one of then would be able to write a tune.

Clean Bandit seem to make music with the sole aim of discovering the next Adele. As if Jess Glynne wasn't bad enough now they are promoting another big voiced diva because that's exactly what the music industry needs more of. Just to make matters worse they throw Sean Paul on the track as well.

Grace Chatto should probably try plugging in her cello before playing it if she wants to be taken seriously as a classical musician. Ooh we've got a bit of violin on our tracks, aren't we creative. Yeah but we can barely hear it underneath all the tropical house beats.

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