Lupus, Cancer & the return of the Beast

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Lupus, Cancer & the return of the Beast

Nope, not one of my ridiculous topics, but a summary of my unaccounted for time.

My mother's cancer came back, which I am having a really hard time with. I'm looking into support groups (no, not kidding), so no need for any suggestions n what not. I'm aware of my issue with it and am doing what needs to be done to make it not be the anxiety/depression monger that it is. I moved back home to help with her.

I have been diagnosed with Lupus. Long story. I've had some symptoms for a while and the really bad ones showed up a about 4-6 weeks ago. I have a fucking cane now (i got it with a houndstooth print, like a fucking G), bollywood ringtones and have to take some gnarly medicine at night in order to not want to kill myself in bed. My body goes numb in different places and then hurts really bad and i get big bruises in spots that i never bumped. Fucking stupid and has me feeling helpless/incompetent (because i can not work, as my job was a medical courier at the time).


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