Odd demographic quirk in SPFBO 2017

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Odd demographic quirk in SPFBO 2017

Hello Guys,

Mark Lawrence was kind enough to provide a demographic breakdown of the authors here, and it looks like it's a pretty even male/ female split (yay!).

But when you go through the list of books and look at the reviews, something interesting (at least to me) becomes apparent: Reviews of books by female authors are predominantly done by females, while reviews of books by males have a more even mix of males/ females. Now this is no way a scientific sampling on my part, rather judging by names and pictures that appear, but it does have me scratching my head.

I notice last year's finalists are split 5/5 male/ female, which seems to reflect the gender split among the judges. But I... well, I don't know what to think yet. Obviously we all expect the cream to collect at the top, but is this a case of apples and oranges in that males traditionally do not enjoy females' books, while women can enjoy men and women's?

I guess I should say I'm in no way intending to cast doubt on the male judges; everyone who's taking part reviews seriously on their sites. And it's just plain insulting to suggest that only men can judge men's books and vice versa. In fact, as I said earlier, I still don't know what to think.


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