Need Headphones and a Volume question

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Need Headphones and a Volume question


Well a few questions. I am in need of some new Head phones for my computer.
I currently am using cheap Sennheiser 201 pros that the plastic broke when i stepped on them. I actually love them for what i paid.. I use them for gaming (WoW) But always listen to music(youtube) when im playing.

To me the sound coming from my system has always been low.. maybe i just have bad hearing? i listen to everything loud... but would a sound card fix this? would that let me increase volume?

and what about sound quality? when using youtube n pandora to listen to music, is a 300 dollar pair of headphones going to make a big difference to say a 50 dollar pair?

Are those new spiffy gaming headsets worth it? with the mic? i have a mic if i would ever need it?

Please Help.
Thanks !

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